Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carino’s Half-price Family Platters

We like to eat out occasionally, but it is usually very expensive to go to a nice restaurant. We have found a great deal at Carino’s. On Monday and Tuesday nights, they offer their family platters for half price. We usually take my Mom and Dad with us, we each order unlimited soup or salad for $1.29 each and one family platter for the four of us. There are several family platter choices priced from $20.99 - $27.99. So, with the main dish and soup or salad, we can eat for $15.66 - $19.16 for four of us! With the soup or salad, one platter is plenty of food for all of us, we never leave hungry. If just the two of us go, we have food left over to bring home for dinner the next night.

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