Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eat to live or live to eat?

OK let's face it we all have to eat. I am a self proclaimed Food-ee... I'll admit it right now to the world! Left to my own devices, I would easily eat twice the amount of food that I need. That food cost me plenty in $$$'s that I could have been saving. I love to eat, but it seems like my off switch is broken. I really don't feel full at the appropriate time, and sometimes can't stop especially with sweets. Can anybody out there relate! I found a free 12 step program that helped me overcome my compulsive overeating. Check it out at www.ceahow.org

My favorite place to buy produce: Sunflower Market in Fort Collins. Corner of Lemay and Drake. The vegetables are fresh and the prices are great. See if there is a Sunflower Market near you and view the weekly ad at: http://www.sfmarkets.com/ Wednesday is double ad day!

**I'm looking for a Northern Colorado person who is willing to scan grocery ads on Wed. mornings and post the best deals to our blog. Any volunteers?


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  2. Have you tried Sprout's Farmer's Market at the NW corner of Harmony & Corbett? Love it!!!

  3. Sue, I too find a eat more than I should and that as I exercise regularily, I tend to eat better too!