Sunday, January 10, 2010 - Online shopping saves you money?

My friend Wendy from Denver did a little cost comparison on household products that can be ordered online and shipped free to your home. We both have adult children with Friedreich's ataxia and for them not having to go to the store or wait for someone to pick things up for them would be an empowering thing. This type of shopping would also be ideal for moms with small children, senior adults, and generally busy people who would rather spend their free time doing something more fun or relaxing! Disclaimer: Neither of us have tried this site out, so please do report if you place an order before us. I emailed from the website asking if there is tax charged, and will post that in comments as soon as I get a reply. Here is the website:

Sue, I went through the web site comparing mostly King Sooper prices to prices. On a couple, I used Walmart. This is what I found. With the 17 items below, most were less on Alice. One was nearly half the price on another web site. The ones that were higher, weren't much higher. The net savings would be $11.84 on these items, if I bought all of them. There is free shipping, and it looks like they may not charge tax. I think I will place an order. It will be interesting to see if it's better than going out shopping. Doing my list took me a long time, but I was comparison pricing every item. I bet once you get your list set up, the next orders are easier. -Wendy

Item King Sooper Save at Alice

Angelsoft toilet tissue dbl 6rolls $4.99 $4.55 $0.44
12 rolls $7.99 $7.47 $0.52
Bounty select a size, 8rolls $7.00 $8.41 -$1.41
Brawny select a size 8 rolls $10.00 $8.72 $1.28
Cheerios 18 oz $4.29 $3.50 $0.79
Coffee Mate 16 oz $3.79 $2.87 $0.92
35 oz (18cents/oz matches Alice) $6.49

Dawn original liq 24 oz $2.00 $2.41 -$0.41
Energizer Max AA each $0.78 $0.62 $0.16
Energizer Max AAA 8@ $10.88 $4.95 $5.93
Kleenex facial tissue 200, 3box $6.79 $5.31 $1.48
Lipton tea bags (48 bags) $2.99 $2.90 $0.09
Starbucks 12 oz ground $9.69 $7.97 $1.72
Tide 2X original liquid 100 oz $11.00 $11.82 -$0.82
20 Mule Team Borax 76oz $4.99 $3.50 $0.49
Walker's Shortbread triangles $4.99 $4.33 $0.66

17 items net savings on Alice

also no shipping, no tax, I think

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    Yes, we are required by our manufacturers to charge the local tax as you would pay at a grocery store.