Monday, January 25, 2010

Banana Bags $1.00

Albertson's sometimes has a bag or two of ripe bananas for sale for $1.00 a bag (check the floor near the banana display). These are great for immediate eating, baking, or freezing for smoothies. The other day when I was in buying those apples I told you about yesterday, I saw that there was a big pile of single loose bananas on the display table. They looked like good candidates for banana bags, so I hunted down the produce lady on duty and asked her if she was wanting to sell some of her loose bananas. She seemed pleased I would ask and went to get me two banana bags and said fill them up! I can't stress enough to ASK for what you want and need. 75% of the time I get a YES! I just feel so good helping Albertson's get rid of those bananas before they spoiled...

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  1. Bananas, when no too ripe... are great dehydrated as well! Just discovered your blog .... love it!!!!!