Monday, January 11, 2010

Free Newpaper and Grocery Ads

Hello fellow Fru-gal friends,
A few months ago I quit the local newspaper and started reading the free online version. Did you know that you can post your own "News by You" including a picture. It's fun to do, and some are chosen to be featured for the printed version. Here is the link to online version of the Loveland Reporter Herald.

I have also posted all the major grocery store websites that have links to their weekly ad in the right hand margin of this blog. Both Sunflower and Sprouts Market have double ad day on Wednesdays. This means that you get the previous week's specials as well as the next week's. I am a big believer in shopping many stores and stocking up on their specials. Usually there are no limits, so it is a great time to buy extra for food storage. You may already know this but you can order a case of a sale item and ask for a rain check for the special price. This is helpful if you won't be able to pick your case up before the sale is over.

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