Friday, January 22, 2010

The less you toss, the less you pay!

Here in Loveland, Colorado we have two options for city pickup of trash. You can purchase trash stickers for $1.50 (good for up to 30lb. bag) or you can rent a trash container. With the city's excellent recycling program it is easy to reduce the amount of trash that you need to pay for. They recently introduced a smaller 17 gallon trash container for 1/2 the price of the 32 gallon one. That is a savings of $2.75 a month or $33.00 a year. Here are all the sizes they offer. You can call and have a smaller or bigger one delivered anytime. Call 962-2111 to order a cart.

Cart Service

Four sizes of trash carts are available.

  • 17-gallon cart: $2.75/month

  • 32-gallon cart: $5.50/month

  • 64-gallon cart: $11.00/month

  • 96-gallon cart: $16.50/month

Tomorrow, more about the city's recycling program...

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