Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hi, I am Sues little sister in SLC. No big info on my post, just wanted to check in, be a part of it. Since my daughter Lily came home for the holidays, I have been washing things to recycle them, (her presence always ups the recycling game in our house she is big into sustainability) you know Jam jars and such, so they are pretty and useful so I have been saving and using them, it reminds me of my grandmas house and I like doing something just like her:) I have been eating vegan for 28 days, following the Engine 2 diet by Rip Esselstyn-It is vegan-no oil-no sugar. I feel quite well and was amazingly strong at the gym today. Anyway I have been buying a lot of beans and grains in bulk and have been using my recycled jars for them. I am working on making my own Chai Tea mix and have alot of those ingredients and they are great in the jam jars, I hate having a bunch of bags in my cupboard from buying in bulk. So if anyone has a Chai Tea recipie they like please share! The next thing I would like to make myself at home is an oatmeal based body scrub, anyone out there ever done anything like that? My current claim to fame-I have for the most part not taken a plastic bag at a store since Jan 1 2009-today at Walmart I forgot to take in my reusable bag and told the cashier "I would just carry my stuff out and she said "Are you sure" and I told her I was saving the planet one bag at a time:) She did not really get it but it was fun for me-Have a great Saturday-Trisha

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