Friday, January 1, 2010


ASK someone to help you. If you need work done, you do not have to always hire someone to do the task. You may know any number of people who have the know how or talent and would be happy to help. Sometimes they even offer. Trade or barter services: I'll help you do ______ if you could help me do _______. What does it cost to ask? zip-ziltch-nothing

My daughter Allie has the initials ASK. Today she is coming home from a 5 month foreign exchange to Germany where she has had many opportunities to ask for help because of her disability. I have tried to teach her this: Believe that you are worthy to be a receiver of help, not just a giver. You actually help another person when you ask them to serve you. Crazy? No not really, by giving them the opportunity to do something you need, you are opening them to blessings that come from giving.

Try it if you don't believe me. I'd love to hear back...
Pic is my ASK - Allie Sue Kittel


  1. I took my own advice last night at a New Year's Eve party and asked if anyone could help me fix a toilet that doesn't flush properly. A very nice man named Doug offered. He said it would be fun! Imagine that, I am providing an opportunity for someone to have extra fun! LOL